Press Release

RaShaun D. Ellison ~ ReTurns To Earth…

RaShaun D. Ellison; a groundbreaking artist is coming out from a long time hiatus to pursue her passion as a thought provoking artist, with her debut single, “ReTurn To Earth.” The song forged from her working project “ReTurn of The Who.” RaShaun’s melodic, provocative, sultry sounds flow like the smooth eclectic vibrations of revolutionary poetic soul.  Her sound has been described as Experimental Soul, influenced by ambient rock, acid jazz, and soul fusion.

RaShaun lacks no skill, but like most artists’ life’s cycle of family, and the funding to back her project, was her greatest opposition. So the 37-year–old Indianapolis, Indiana native now residing in Moore, Oklahoma, by way of Atlanta, Georgia. RaShaun has put her foot on the gas full speed. She is a published author, poet, singer/songwriter, wife of 10-years, and mother of 3, which were all home births. So RaShaun had to make the necessary changes in her life in order for her passions to manifest. So she networked with several local producers to take on her project pro-bono. She has also produced several of her own tracks using the Garage Band software. She wrote and sang all of her material. She designed all the graphics for her CD cover and other artwork, set up her own photo shoot, and designed her own website. “When it comes down to getting what I WANT, I know I have to keep going,” RaShaun says, “I can’t let money stop me, I AM the currency.”

RaShaun grew up surrounded by music. She discovered her desire to be a performer at the tender age of 5, when she performed the 80’s hit song “What’s Love Got To Do With It, by Tina Turner. Her father also played with a local band, and she has been intrigued by the beauty of live music every since. RaShaun performed in various dance troupes as a child from ages 14 to 17. When a failed attempt to pursue a dance career in New York left her overwhelmed, she returned home to Indiana, and began writing and reciting poetry at local poetry houses. Shortly after she took a look at her surroundings, she became seriously focused in the pursuit of her gifts, so she packed up to moved to the West Coast. That is when she found her force. At the fearless age of 22 she was unstoppable. It was a performance at Livingston’s Café in Scottsdale, Arizona that was the game changer in RaShaun’s life: She had answered to her calling to become a live performing artist.

The release of “ReTurn To Earth” is the manifestation of her not giving up on what she wants. She is getting great feedback from audiences across the globe on several radio stations and making sales on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Mp3. RaShaun is looking forward to creating positive networking relationships with leaders in the motion picture, radio, television, and cable commercial industry, saying, “I don’t write music just for people to dance to it, I write music so that people can live to it. I want to create my own genre and that is Experimental Soul.”  Some say life’s best teacher is experience, and I feel that RaShaun has a lot to teach us.


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