Magnetic Vagina

Written By: RaShaunda Lugrand

Written As: RaShaun D. Ellison

Holding on to my truth.

I am no longer vulnerable.

All of the things…

I used to be.

Aborn me new.

How did I get so far.

So far away from the truth.

The truth of my power.

The power of my precious pussy.

My vagina.

What a magnet.

Attracting all sorts of energy.

It seemed electric.

Like fire.

I was tricked.

I was treated.

I repeat.

I was tricked.

I was treated.

I was depleated.

My jewles squandered.

Until I dug deeper.

Deeper into myself.

I knew she was in there.

Hiding behind the shadows.

Her voice was a faint moan.

Here I am.

I am naked.

My flaws exposed.

Wondering about.


Like a fish out of water.

Breathing ionic tonic.

My only concern.

My only concern.

Giving birth to new words.

The voice grew louder.

A moan became a growl.

A warrior sound.

432 Hz of frequency.

Remebering me.

Yeah me.

The woman with the good pussy.

She used it like a weapon.

The deeper it gets.

The deeper the remembrance.

The humility of accepting.

The power to heal others.

The power of right now.

The elegance of Motherhood.


I lay down.

My legs are open wide.

Feeling the penetration of the breeze.

Rolling to my knees.

Squatting and breathing.

There was no pain in this freedom.

I was in control.

Bringing him into me.

And holding him in my womb.

Letting him go.

Only to return.

His electricity is bright.

It was Black.

It was White.




We communicate with no words.

He knows who I am.

I am the ONE.

And I am in control.

Because I give birth.

With my vagina in my hand.

I control the world.




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