Written By: RaShaunda Lugrand

Written As: RaShaun D. Ellison


No time to be releasing sperms in a war.

Need to keep up yo vitality for.

The sure shot.

Can’t find liberation in a cum spot.

So who not ready for the day like.

They a what not.

To the have nots.

They be…

Begging for pity.

And what not.

With no resources.

And access welfare…

Healthcare thats shity.

And it seems unfair.

Who whittier?

Than a man wit a plan.

If he can’t do it

Then nobody can.

Hot damn!

This thing re-damn-diculous.

Thirsty for pain.

That looks inconspicuous.

Hoes on a stroll.

Going down in the DM.

Niggas hustle hard from the AM.

To the PM.

Lawd have mercy on these.

With eyes wide open.

And they can’t see.

They sleepin’!

While the oppressor creeps.

In and out of the mind.

Where the valleys weak.

The pressures.

They stay on fleek.

Attitudes the new drug.

Who stay on geek?

Im perkin’.

I’m the hottest tea.

I tell all you muthafuc*as just what I think.

Heart open.

And I hope you think.

That you can make the world better place than me.

Let it out.

From the words you speak.

Let it out.

Let yo freedom ring.

Big momma nem happy wit a lil chicken wing.

I copped up a whole bird.

And I let it fly.

Eagle eye.

Spirit strong.

My wisdom in the sky.

Connected to the truth.

Killed the lie one swoop.

Had the soldier comin’ in

And they found the whole proof.

That the moon…

Was way to high.

Had all of they they asses hypnotized.

When she stepped in the booth.


Simmer down youngin.

My blood run through you.

28 days rotating round-

Until you finally came down.



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