The Chicken OR The Egg

The Chicken OR The Egg*
Written By RaShaunda Lugrand
Written As RaShaun D. Ellison


What came first the chicken or the egg?
Feminine and fertile before she meets the man
He tills her soil so rich
Sprinkling seed as he goes
One may plant
One may water
But it’s the GOD that make
It grow
Moon time over sun time
Cosmic dials ride an etheric rhythm
Finding silence in his head
Numb from the aim of the pistol
Pointing with erection
He charges her with attempt
To take away his pain
Falling down
Falling down
Emotions like the rain
Flying high
Flying high
Wisdom all the same
Not afraid to be naïve
Because God blesses the child
That has His own
The Responsibility
Of Redemption
Honoring the
Honor theory
Soul expanding
Taking away all doubt
Life is a walking meditation
Walking the balance beam
Of Eternity
Wanting to be born again
A new evolution of past
Longing to feel her womb again
He looks for her in the West
He takes her back to the East
He rests his aching wings
She rests her nursing breast
Spinning covenants of virtue
Words twisting like whirlwinds
Planets dodging the sun
They know not its reflection
So he lay wait in his calm
To find one omniscient
Unafraid of his light
She dances in degrees
Her feet are cold
But her hips were hot
They spoke to his testosterone
Masculinity was her prey
His scent was unnerving
Neurons pass like atoms
Atoms splitting like apples
Apples are forbidden fruit
Fruit that bares seed
She is fertile like the tree
The tree with the long roots
Dangling on the inside
Of the Earth so hollow
She swallows her virtue
In a glass of sweet red
Her innocence is not weary
His chastity is beyond chivalry
And that they can remember
How honest
That day was
How pure
The connection
Must be the beginning
Must be the now
Further they go into themselves
Looking for perfection
They find themselves surrounded
By ignorance
Yet passion stimulates innate abilities
No instructions
Just the strength to believe
In the power of who she is
The first to conceive
The fist to give birth
The duality of him
The chicken or the egg…


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