Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, by way of Phoenix, Arizona, Atlanta, Georgia, and now residing in Moore, Oklahoma, RaShaun D. Ellison is ready to take the stage once again. With a wide range of vocal styles from R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Alternative, and Rock she is a force to be reckoned with. She has been compared to artist like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, N’Dambi, and Kelis. Not only is she a phenomenal singer/songwriter, she also produces her own musical tracks. While pursuing a degree in Communications and Cross Cultural Media, she hopes to utilize her education to sustain herself in the music industry as an independent artist and community activist. She has been preparing the release of several dynamic projects” Return of the Who” and “The Black Plague”. She currently works alongside her executive producer s, Titus aka T. Anty and J. Alsandor from Atlanta.” Her goal is to, repair and renew the imagery and messages that current music exhibits, infusing it with down to earth consciousness, and unapologetic soul, such as seen in the days of Nina Simone. She dedicates her hard work and inspirations to her family and those that love and support her gifts.